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What Is A Sugar Baby? Sugar Baby Meaning & Statistics

What is a sugar baby? This is a question people frequently ask but rarely hear the right answer. In this guide, you will find the correct sugar baby definition, some interesting statistics on sugar babies in the US, facts about regular sugar babies, and their motivation.

Sugar baby definition

Urban Dictionary defines a sugar baby as a young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors). It’s important to emphasize that a sugar relationship can’t be based on sexual interaction only, and a sugar baby shouldn’t be confused with a sex worker. Companionship is equally important or even more important than sex in a sugar relationship—there is platonic sugar dating without sex, and sex without companionship with financial reward is called prostitution.

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So, the actual sugar baby meaning can be expressed through this: a SB is a young female or male who gets a financial reward or any other compensation (in the form of gifts, paid college bills, travels, etc.) for dating which includes companionship and often intimacy.

How many sugar babies are there in the US?

Seeking Arrangement, the largest sugar dating platform provides statistics on the number of members, according to which, there are over 8 million sugar babies on the site, and over 3 million of them are American students looking for sugar daddies who’d help them pay their students debts and afford more than an average student. The top-3 Universities with the largest numbers of sugar babies are Arizona State (over 2,5 thousand members), Indiana University (over 1,2 thousand members), and the University of Central Florida (1,1 thousand members).

What are sugar babies like?

But what’s a sugar baby? What is she like? Contrary to popular belief, a sugar baby may look different—some men like curvy ladies, some prefer to date skinny women, some like brunettes, some like blondes, which means that any woman can find a benefactor on a niche website. The average age of sugar babies on Seeking Arrangement is 24. Most SBs are students, but other common occupations are entrepreneur, waitress, cosmetologist/makeup artist, business manager, nurse, etc.

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Why do women become sugar babies?

Some people define sugar baby as a money-hungry woman. It’s not exactly true. Here are some real reasons why ladies start to look for a benefactor:

  • They work hard/study a lot but still can’t afford plenty of things and look for a win-win opportunity to enjoy relationships and financial benefits.
  • They can save a lot of time for self-development and hobbies.
  • A lot of them like more mature men who can not only give money but also share their life experiences.
  • A lot of ladies view sugar daddies as mentors.
  • Many sugar babies are looking for an honest partner and honest relationships.
  • They also enjoy a relationship without too much jealousy, too high expectations, pain, and other negative aspects of “vanilla dating”.

Important thing to emphasize is that most sugar babies actually like their sugar daddies and their relationships and don’t start them if they feel uncomfortable.


So, what are sugar babies? These are women who want to date men but also want to get financial support from them. Yes, it is that simple, and if you want to become a baby or meet one, now, with some basics about the life of an average SB, it will be much easier.