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Sugar Baby Guide: How To Become A Sugar Baby

If you are considering the idea of becoming a sugar baby, want to learn more about sugar dating, its pros and cons, if you want to get some safety tips, just keep reading this sugar baby guide — you’ll find all the useful information below.

Things to know before being a sugar baby

Researchers note that most sugar babies are twenty-something, university-going women, who are looking for wealthy and middle-aged men. However, it’s not the rule — sugar babies can also be a bit older, have careers and different interests. There are a lot of sugar daddies in the US, and they all like different women. Nevertheless, there is one thing that all SBs should have in common — they all should know some insights and, of course, safety rules before they start their journey to the world of sugar dating.

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Sugar dating shouldn’t be stressful

Some researchers note that the sugar relationship script incorporates the expectation that partners develop authentic feelings and really enjoy spending time together — and that’s your key to a healthy relationship. Experienced sugar babies say that if you date someone you don’t feel comfortable with, it may be much more stressful, so every sugar baby should look for a man she will like, not just a random wealthy man.

Patience is important

How to become sugar baby? Develop patience. Miracles happen, and you may find your dream sugar daddy one day after you create an account on one of the sugar dating sites, but it’s not always the case. You should be ready for a lot of conversations and maybe some bad dates.

Set the price

There are two main types of payments: a monthly allowance and pay per date. Choose the option that works for you. The average prices on the market are $2,000 per month (allowance) and $300 for a date (pay per meet).

Avoid salt daddies

There are two other types of daddies: Salt daddies and Splenda daddies. Splenda daddies are not dangerous — they also want to date you, but they don’t earn enough to pay you the allowance that sugar daddies usually pay. So, it’s always up to you. However, you should avoid Salt daddies at all costs — they will give you nothing but empty promises hoping to have sex with you for free.

Safety comes first

Be careful — meet in public places and tell someone where you are going. It’s just a must.

So, these were the most important things to know before being a sugar baby. Should you choose this path? Think about it carefully before you make a decision.

How to become a sugar baby

So, how do you become a sugar baby for free? The easiest way to do it is to join a safe and reputable sugar dating site that has many sugar daddies in your area. Such platforms provide all the tools you need to meet a benefactor, and the best thing is that all the men on these sites know that you are looking for sugar relationships, not vanilla relationships.


How to become a successful sugar baby? Learn more about how sugar dating works and choose the right site. Yes, it’s that simple. However, you need to make sure that such a relationship will work for you.

Brenda Taylor
Brenda has been consulting sugar daddies and babies for over 3 years. She is a professional psychologist and dating expert who knows how to build real and serious sugar relationships.